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Another(?) Testament of Jesus Christ

The 'Self' Movement & the Christian

Christians & Procrastination

The New Age Movement

Seven Woes of Matthew 23

New Age & The Home

Committed to Encouragement

New Age & Education

Take A Stand Already!


James on the Tongue

The True Circumcision

The Valley of Decision

The Value of Truth

The Two Builders

Self-Discipline & The Christian

Joshua's Long Day

Noah's LOCAL Flood

Satan in the Old Testament

Baptism Post AD 70

Two studies on current charismata,
see links on Eph. 4:7-13 and 1 Cor.
13:8-12 on my 
End-Times page.

Immortality--My Current Take

"He who answers ... before he hears..., it's folly & shame to him" ~Prv. 18:13 (NKJV)
"Is it legal to convict a man before he's given a hearing?" ~Jhn 7:51 (NLT)