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I ask you to please read the following info-ad; however, if you'd rather not, but want to go ahead and join immediately, click HERE to send me your contact info. Unless you wish to supply more, all that's necessary are the names*, zip code, and email address you wish listed on the Pret-Net Registry. Thank You. (*Please include your spouse's name IF he/she doesn't mind.)

If you need the following info-ad to be more legible, click on it, or download it by clicking HERE.

To read an article about how this program has progressed over the first three years, you can find it in the December 2015 issue of Fulfilled! Magazine at this link.

"He who answers ... before he hears..., it's folly & shame to him" ~Prv. 18:13 (NKJV)
"Is it legal to convict a man before he's given a hearing?" ~Jhn 7:51 (NLT)